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Soul School - Series 4

This is going to be a juicy New Earth jam sesh on the collective deconstruction of the systems we have been governed by physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It’s mammoth!

I have been collating / observing information and data over the past 4 years of this deconstruction process. I notice activations occurring within people from all walks of life that call them to take a big step back from who they’ve been and how they've been living. This is a HUGE process as it is the intersection between the physical world (income, work, relationships, lifestyle etc) and the persons beliefs and values (which are energetic) and Soul Source connection that are all intwined together and are now being disrupted and up for review and reconfiguration.


Part of the creation work of New Earth is the deconstruction work and it starts within each of us and how we relate and interact with the world.


As we move into New Earth energy and this paradigm shift we’re going to notice internal cues to live differently.


This means you’ll;


  • Desire to feel a different way within yourself and your life.
  • Resistance or inability to do daily big and small tasks within your life
  • Exhaustion. An internal cue to move more slowly or to do nothing throughout on any particular day and supporting yourself to allow that.
  • Releasing of emotions or beliefs or noticing significant and sometimes repeated themes play out within your life.
  • Becoming aware of intersecting timelines within you, heightened awareness, re-membering experiences or pulls towards different interests that you are calling to be re-explored or ones you haven’t explored before.
  • Internal cues to take stock or pause and really feel into particular beliefs, values or socio-political structures and the stories attached to them which challenges you in some way.
  • A call and seeking to flow new energy within yourself and your life.
  • A period of deep grief and loss and then acceptance of What Is and Who You Are.
  • Intuitive cues to feel into yourSelf more to Know more of Who You Are.
  • Riding out feelings of fear and the beliefs linked to them as you are called Higher and step into More of YourSelf.
  • Feelings of trust and certainty of the path you are aligning yourself with.
  • Feeling as though you are collecting puzzle pieces that is lead by instinct and intuitive direction.
  • Experiencing ‘activations’ and consciously working with your Being to expand.
  • Experiencing yourself read energy more as part of your process of life navigation.


Shifting into 5D living means we are required to deconstruct the outdated capitalistic systems and structures (including the energetic ones) that are already crumbling and actively being to anchor down the NEW frequencies of New Earth and begin to live from there. We do this from within us first, at our own rate and pace by changing how we relate to life.


We are here at this time to rise to the task of deconstructing collective systems and structures and undertake the exciting and challenging work of offering new more expanded vibrational pathways to do life in and through. Those of you who outwardly or privately identify yourselves as healers, light workers, torch bearers, change agents, visionaries  - the re-gridding of collective framework frequencies is a BIG part of what we are here to do! 


In this jam sesh we are going to cover;


  • What it feels like to shift more and more into a 5D New Earth operating system
  • How to understand and navigate your multidimensional expression and expansion
  • Distinguishing the difference between misaligned and fear
  • The De-Conditioning process (which is physical, emotional, mental and energetic/spiritual)
  • Tending to your Human Self while being guided by your Soul Self
  • How to work out where you’re going and who you’re becoming vibrationally
  • Aligning with timelines and identifying the ‘stepping stone’ pathway or ‘puzzle piece’ gathering process.
  • The importance of not fighting the system but collectively creating new ones
  • Creating the New Rules for Living for yourself
  • The importance of intuition and the role of imagination
  • Self Responsibility for consciousness expansion and DNA activation


If you cannot continue or ‘go back’ to doing life how you’ve been doing it but are fearful, unsure or confused by what you’re being called to do, this New Earth jam sesh will provide confirmation and clarification that should (hopefully!) support you!


There is a very different way of doing life and we are being called into the energies and experience of that!


I’m pretty excited about this one!


Join me on;

DATE: Thursday 12th November, 2020

TIME: 9.30am AEST


If you cannot make it to the live, the recording will be up in the portal within 24 hours. :)


Cannot wait to see you there!