We are within such an incredible time of awakening and change.
Many people are experiencing heightened senses, increased intuition, significant personal change, and big shifts internally and externally within their lives. Collectively, Shadow is being revealed and significant systems and structures are calling for our new participation. It's both scary and exciting.
To create this new world we must begin to live and experience ourselves from a different 'operating system'. A more multidimensional one. Where together, we intentionally create and contribute to the emerging vibrational grid structures being created and built for the new world and earth to experience itself through.
This is an evolutionary shift of consciousness. And it's such a gift to be able to play a part.
So join me every month for an info jam sesh slash workshop style live. We'll cover an array of topics such as;
- The Consciousness of New Earth energy (which is a MASSIVE topic).
- Stepping further into our multi-dimensionality and what that means.
- ET’s and our Galactic Community.
- Earths history.
- Intuition and energy.
- Shadow - personal and collective.
- Healing and reconnecting.

Live Jam session on key information to support you to expand your awareness and energy into the broader picture.


If you enjoyed the Soul School Monthly (SSM) mini mags because I took things 'out there' at times, then you'll enjoy this New Earth jam sesh!


This jam sesh is going to be less jam and more of an immersive and embodied journey, as I wish to take you places and have you experience yourself in different ways.





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